Candice Blount Bio, Age, Family & More

Candice BlountCandice Blount is an American famous lady who is famous for being the wife of famous American personality Bradley James Parscale. He is a political advisor and digital consultant who is best known as a senior advisor on the 2020 presidential campaign of Donald Trump.


Candice Blount was born in 1976 in the United States, she is the daughter of a businessman and her mother is a homemaker. She never shares more details about her early life like her parent’s names and siblings.

According to her Facebook page, she studied at Tom C. Clark high school where she earns her graduate degree. After becoming a graduate she went to the A & M Institute of taxes where she completes her chemical engineering degree. She is a very introverted person she loves to keep her personal life in private.


After complete her study started working in a local company in her home town and later she joins Steve Stratton Physical Therapy where she working as CFO. She becomes famous in 1012  after she married Brad Parscale. He is an American political advisor and digital consultant.

Brad was born on 3 rd January 1976 in Topeka, Kansas, United States, after completing high school he went to Trinity University where he earns his Bachelor’s degree in Science. He also a very good basketball player and he get an athletic scholarship as a basketball player during the study at Taxes University.

After completing college he went to California due to his father’s workes and later he joins an animation company, where he started working as a sales manager. In 2002 he lost his job because the company filed for bankruptcy and he has to return to San Antonio.

After that, he started working as a web developer and in 2005 he started his own website business. He started his website business at a very low investment but he earns lots of profit from that business.  At this time he bought 3 homes in San Antonio.

He workes on several web design and graphic design projects for Jill Giles, he also runs another company named  DevDemon. It’s a technology investment partnership company known as a web development company. In 2012 his company was hired to build a website for the Trump International reality.

Brad becomes very famous in 2016, for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and he also becomes the digital director of this campaign. In the next year, he created a new company Parscale Strategy for the political works. Later he relocated his Parscale Strategy to Florida.

In 2018 American president Donald Trump declared that Parscale is the manager for his 2020 re-election campaign.  on 2nd March 2018, he founded a company named Red State and Digital for working with the America First Super PAC in the time of the midterm election.

Cable News Network was reported that the American president paid a big amount to a company which is own by his wife Candice Blount in 2019.  In the next year, they reported that the American president was angry with Brad for low pool numbers.

Candice Blount Husband

Candice Blount is the wife of Brad Parscale who is famous for the 2016 Donald Trump presidential election campaign. He has a beautiful daughter from his previous relationship. His daughter was born in 1999 while Brad working in the San Antonio salon.

When she born her mother is only 22 years old and after the 4 years of her birth her parents got married in March of 2004. Unfortunately, their married life was not gone for last long. After one year later Brad filed for divorced and 3 years later in 2007 thair divorced was finalized.

After the 5 years of their divorced in the middle of 2012, he married a girl named Candice Blount. According to the source the couple has no children together. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida the couple bought 3 houses together.

Candice Blount Age

Celebrities fans are always curious about know how old they are, in this case, people are curious to know the Age of Candice Blount. According to the source, She celebrates her birthday party on 22 December and she was born in 1976 which means the lady is 47 years old this year.

Candice Blount Height

Celebrities fans are always curious about knowing their physical appearance in this case fans are curious to know about the height of Candice Blount. She is a tall girl and Blount stands at 5 feet 6-inch which is also equivalent to 168 centimeters.

Candice Blount Net Worth

She earns a considerable amount of money as a CFO of the Steve Stratton Physical Therapy. According to the source she has three residential in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Including the property and asset she has and gifter by her husband Candice Blount’s estimated Net Worth is around $ 3 million.

5 Facts About Candice Blount That Might Surprise You!

  1. She was declared as the founder of the Red State Data and Digital but the real owner of the company is her husband Parscale.
  2. Her husband  Brad Parscale has a beautiful daughter from his previous relationship.
  3. Candice and her husband both have the owner of the company and she handles all the official paperwork of her husband’s business.
  4. Her husband working as a digital media director for the Doland trump 2016 presidential campaign.
  5. Her husband Parscale called her a lucky charm and also says that his wife his best friend.