Debbie Shreve Bio, Age, Height, Career, Family & More

Debbie ShreveDebbie Shreve is the name of an American actress who is best known for her married life. She is the Ex-wife of famous American personality Dan Trejo, who contributes to the American film industry as an actor, apart from his acting career he also a famous restaurateur.


Debbie Shreve was born in 1957, in Tarzana, California, the United States, she belongs to a Christian family. Debbie spent her childhood time in Tarzana with her parents and siblings.

After that, she went to Loss Angels and join the Loss Angels Valley College where she earns her graduate degree. From her childhood, Shreve wants to become a famous actress. She is a very kind-hearted woman and often does work for the community from the goodness of her heart.


After completing her graduation from the Loss Angels Valley College, in 2005 she started her professional career with a sports Comedy film where she did a minor role. In this film, she playing the role of the assistant of the main character, which is played by her husband Dan Trejo.

After that in the next year, she got a role in a crime comedy film named High Hopes, which makes her little famous in the American film industry. In 2006 she made the final movie of her acting career named Vengeance, which makes her more famous. She also appeared in some famous movies of her husband Dan as a supporting character.

Apart from her acting career she also tried to work as a director, even she working as a casting director in some movies. After her divorce, she started working in a real estate company named ReMax Olson & Associates as a realtor.

Debbie Shreve Husband

She is the ex-wife of famous American actor Danny Trejo, who is also known as Dan Trejo. She met her husband dan in Loss Angels in 1990, and after the 7 years of maintaining a healthy relationship in 1997, they decided to get married. The couple tied the knot on 12th December 1997.

Their married life was blessed with two beautiful children named Danielle Trejo and Gilbert Trejo. But unfortunately, their married life was not gone for last long, 2009 Debbie filed for divorced and they are separate. Before Debbie, dan has previously had a relationship with women and they also have two children together named Rebecca Trejo and Danny Boy Trejo.

Debbie’s husband was born on 16 May 1944 on Temple Street in Echo Park near Los Angeles. Before entering into the film industry, Dan worked as labor under a construction company named foreman. Later he started working as a youth drug counselor, in that time he got a job offer from one of his patients as an extra in the film prison scenes.

Debbie Shreve Husband Flim career

He started his professional acting career in 1985,  in the film named Runaway Train, where he playing the role of a boxer and he got a major role in the film called Marked for Death. After that in 1993, he was casting for an epic crime drama film named Blood In Blood Out.  In 1995 he was playing a role in an action film named Desperado.

In the same year, he was also casting for another film named Heat, he was known for his distinctive appearance in the film industry. In 1997 he was casting for the famous American adventure film named Anaconda and in the same year, he was also casting for an action thriller filmed named Con Air, which is directed by the famous film director Simon West.

He was casting for about more than 250 films, such as Six Days Seven Night, Animal Factory, Bubble Boy, Spy Kids, XXX, Anchorman, Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror, Delta Force, Grind House, The Devil’s Reject, Urban Justice, Rob Zombie’s Halloween and many others films.

Video Games

Apart from his acting career he also made his appearance in the video game named Def Jam: Fight for NY, in 2004.  Before that he gave his voice in a popular video game named Def Jam: Fight for NY, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in 2002. After that in 2006, he lent his voice to the popular video games Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, and in 2010, he lent his voice for Fallout: New Vegas.

Restaurants Business

Apart from his Acting career Debbie Shreve’s husband also a successful businessman, he has lots of restaurants in the United States. In 2016, he was open his first restaurant named Trejo’s Tacos, in the next year, he opened another restaurant named Trejo’s  Cantina. After his two restaurants become popular in 2017 he opened a new restaurant named Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts.

In the same year, he opens a new restaurant in Los Angels named the Rainbow Cauliflower Tacos, which is listed on the 10 most favorite recipes in Los Angels Time in 2017. Recently he expends his restaurant business by opening another new restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada named Donut Food Truck.

Debbie Shreve Age

Celebrities fans are always curious about know how old they are, in this case, people are curious to know the Age of Debbie Shreve.  According to the source she celebrating her birthday on 5th June and she was born in 1957. This means the lady is now 64 years old.

Debbie Shreve Height

Celebrities fans are always curious about knowing their physical appearance in this case fans are curious to know about the height of Debbie Shreve. She e is a tall lady and she stands at 5 feet 6-inch which is also equivalent to 167 centimeters.

Debbie Shreve Net Worth

She earns a good amount of wealth from her acting career, Debbie also earns a considerable amount of money as a casting director. As we know after her divorce she started working in a real estate company named ReMax Olson & Associates as a realtor, so we consider that she also earns a good amount of money from her job. Including the property and asset, she has and gifted by her ex-husband Danny Trejo, Debbie Shreve’s estimated Net Worth is around $ 1 million.

5 Facts About Debbie Shreve That Might Surprise You!

  1. Debbie’s ex-husband Danny Trejo is a film legend and an iconic actor, he was casting for about 250 television and film roles.
  2. Her ex-husband Danny began his acting career in Runway Train films, where he playing a minor role of a boxer for a $320 daily fee.
  3. After her divorce, Debbie left her acting career and started working as a realtor in ReMax Olson & Associates company, which is a real estate company.
  4. Apart from her acting career she also tried her luck as a director, but she realizes that she is not so good at directing so far.
  5. Debbie and her ex-husband have two children together named  Danielle Trejo and Gilbert Trejo and her husband Danny also have two children from his previous relationship.