Jackson Chambers(Justin Chambers’ son)

Jackson ChambersJackson Chambers is an American celebrity child of Justin Chambers. Justin is an American actor and former model popular for his The Wedding Planner, The Musketeer, Leo, Broken City, and many more.


Jackson Chambers was born in 2002 at Los Angels, California, USA. He belongs to a Christian family and Jackson Ethnicity is Multiracial. He is the only son and the youngest child of Justin Chambers and Keisha Chambers.

Chambers is an animal lover, he has three pet dog and Jackson loves to spend time with his dog. Jackson has four sisters, Isabella is his eldest sister and Maya and Kaila are the two twins sister of Jackson. Eva Chambers is his youngest sister.

Chambers loves to play video games and he loves to go club party with his parents. Chambers likes to stay fit and healthy he joins a swimming club to stay fit and healthy.

Jackson Chambers Age

People are want to know how old is Jackson Chambers? But it’s unfortunate that his birth date is not clear on the internet. He celebrates her birthday in January and was born in 2002, which makes her age 18 this year.

Jackson Chambers Family

Chambers is the youngest member of their family, he is the son of the famous actor Justin Willman Chamber and Keisha Chambers. Justin’s wife Keisha met him the first time when Justin was working as Model in ad campaigns for Calvin Klein and Justin’s wife Keisha working as a model agency broker. after some time they are started dating each other and that beautiful couple got married in 1993.

Justin and Keisha have four daughters their first daughter Isabella was born in 1994  and, after three years later Keisha gave birth to two twins daughters Maya and Kaila in 1997, thair youngest daughter Eva was born in 1999. Then there later child and only son Jackson came into their life in 2002.

Jackson Chambers Wife

People are very curious about celebrity’s relationship, wife and affairs most of the people interested to know the name of Jackson Chambers’s wife, he is only 18 years old boy he is too young to get married.

Jackson is an unmarried boy so is Jackson are in a relationship? he is very famous from his childhood being the son of a famous American actor and Justin Chambers. He has lots of females fan but there is no such information available about the name of his girlfriends. Jackson never talks about his relationship in public.


Jackson is an American student studying from a local privet school. Jackson wants to start his career as an actor like his father Justin Chambers he is a very famous actor and former model.

Chambers is an only an 18-year-old boy now he is only focused on his study and fitness, Jackson is at the age of the beginning of his career.

Jackson Chambers Net Worth

Jackson Chambers is a very famous boy but he is only eighteen years old. Now Jackson is a student and he is not Starting his Career to making money. Jackson’s father’s Justin Chambers is a very famous actor, and the former model and mother Keisha Chamber is a Model Agency Broker.

Jackson Chamber’s net worth is around $200,000, which he inherited from his parents, Justin Chamber and Keisha Chambers.

4 Facts On Jackson Chambers That Might Surprise You!

  1. He is an animal lover, he loves dogs even he has three dogs.
  2. Chamber has four eldest sisters being the smallest member he is very close to his all sister.
  3. Jackson’s sister Eva is called musician of the family she is a bass guitarist She has her won Instagram verified band pinkypinkytheband [1]pinkypinkytheband.
  4. Jackson Chamber’s father Justin chamber is a very famous American actor and his Net Worth is around $18 million.