Joanna Soh

Joanna SohJoanna Soh is the name of a Malaysian YouTube Star, Fitness Instructor, who is the first Malaysian woman to receive the YouTube Gold Play Button Award. Joanna also awarded the top Health & Fitness influencer in Malaysia at the Influence Asia Awards 2017. She runs a hugely popular self-titled YouTube channel that has more than 2.06 million subscribers.


Joanna was born in Malaysia. She is now one of the Richest YouTube Star who was born in Malaysia. In August of 2012, she launched her YouTube channel but she did not upload the first video until March of 2013. Her first video called Best Beginner Total Body Toning for Women Under 10 mins!.

She holds Malaysian nationality and belongs to Asian ethnicity. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Talking about her educational background, there is no such information available on the internet which helps to understand how much educated she is. Her brother Joel produced and wrote a feature film called Polis Evo.

Joanna Soh Age

When it comes to celebrities and their personal affairs, no doubt, the fans are always curious to know about all the small things. In this case, people are want to know how old is Joanna Soh? she celebrates her birthday on 22 September and she was born in 1989, which makes her age 31 this year.

Journey to Becoming a Fitness Expert

When she was 18 years old, she started her journey fitness industry alongside her study. After received a degree in Performance & Media, she started working as a TV Producer producing talk shows for television channels in London, UK.

Joanna loves both careers and could not decide between them. Hence, she decided to combine these two skills and passions by producing regular videos on YouTube where she can share her love for healthy and balanced living as well as sharing her life experiences and interesting things/events that she goes through daily.


Despite the negativity coming from the people for leaving her job in London, she never allowed anything to affect the goal she wanted to achieve. With discipline, consistency, and strong determination, she became one of the top fitness instructors in the world in general and in Malaysia in particular.

Soh is the first Malaysian woman, who receive the YouTube Gold Play Button Award. Now she is the Leading Wellness & Fitness YouTube personality based in Asia. In 2017, she was awarded the top Health & Fitness influencer in Malaysia at the Influence Asia Awards. 

Her self titled Youtube channel has over 2.6 million subscribers,. She created over 400 videos on the topics of fitness, nutrition, exercises, and health tips. Her weekly videos are watched by viewers across the globe; from America to the UK, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, and more.

Joanna is also the founder and creator of Fio, a leading and growing fitness app in Asia. Actually, her aim is  To love and value herself – and to help others do the same.

So this application will be a combination of fun and motivating workouts and nutritional advice and simple, delicious recipes (FOOD) and not forgetting her commitments to spiritual growth in bringing the best out of you

Joanna Soh Workout

Her passion is to help women from all across the world to live their best moments through a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The only reason behind her extraordinary physical appearance is her work routine and diet plan.

The fitness model has been uploading a variety of workouts to encourage her followers to exercise on her way. To kickstart your metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day then get this workout done in the morning.

This is a total body workout to do first thing in the morning! They are low impact so you can do them in your pajamas.


  1.  Kneel to Squat Pulses
  2. Alternate Lunge Touch Down
  3. Plank Hop to Push-up
  4. Plank Jacks
  5. Dolphin Plank
  6. Groiners
  7. Half V to Knee Tucks

Joanna Soh Diet Plan

For a fitness guru, her diet plan is also important like her workout plan. Joanna provides you a sample of a Full Meal Plan to help you Lose Weight and achieve your goals. They are made of simple ingredients, quick and very easily put together. The foundation of this meal plan has:

3 ounces of lean protein: Chicken, Turkey, Fish (any kind), tuna, tofu, eggs, beef, or pork tenderloin.
1 complex carb: Whole Grain Pasta, Oatmeal, Sweet Potatoes, Wholemeal Bread, Wraps, Pita Bread
Unlimited vegetables
1 healthy fat: Nuts, Olive Oil, Seeds, Avocado, Omega-3


No matter what your training goals are, whether you want to build more muscles, try to lose weight, or just want to tone your body, the right supplements can help improve your health, performance, and physique. This list of Supplements will make it less confusing for you and that you will know how to start adding supplements to enhance your performance.

  1. PROTEIN: Protein is basically the building block for muscle. It helps to repair and build tissue and muscle. The best source of protein is consuming whole foods such as meat, fish, eggs, tempeh, beans, nuts, and seeds.
  2. FISH OIL: Omega 3 fatty acids are vital in maintaining a healthy heart and brain. It has also been proven to reduce inflammation, keep the joints healthy, and helps to maintain flexibility, which will help reduce injury when exercising.
  3. BCAA: Nutritionally, BCAA’s can be consumed through a range of protein-rich foods like chicken, fish, meat, eggs, nuts, lentils, and some beans. Our body is unable to make them so they must be ingested either through food or supplements.
  4. CREATINE: Creatine’s most basic function is to help muscles create fast energy during exercise. It is known to promote significantly greater gains in strength and also high intensity-based performance. Which means you’ll be able to lift heavier and more reps.
  5. MULTI-VITAMIN: Vitamins and minerals are extremely important for us to have the highest quality of life. It is an important supplement not just for females, but for everybody whether or not you are on a fitness journey.

Joanna Soh App: Fio

The application created by Joanna who is a leading fitness YouTube personality in Asia. It brings you, daily workout classes, from high-intensity training to kickboxing, yoga, strength training, and more.

If you suffering to experience visible or lasting results despite multiple attempts to get fit or on the other hand are carrying on with a bustling way of life and thinking that its an extremely difficult to build up a manageable wellness propensity, at that point Fio is for you.

They have designed programs for effective fitness plans to keep you engaged with targeted daily workouts as well as rest days for your body to rejuvenate and recover. This fitness app offers healthy, easy-to-prepare, 20-minute classic, and vegan recipes that are perfect for one’s a busy lifestyle—all macro-calculated so you have the well-balanced nutrition needed to achieve your goals.

They released each month, ensuring that our global community of Fio users stay active and engaged in their fitness journey. They have provided full programs to try for FREE but for the best experience, subscribe for Premium so you get to work out with the global Fio community each day.

Joanna Soh Net worth

Having worked on the social media platform, she earned most of the net worth from advertisement. In addition, her Youtube channel has millions of subscribers.

Her net worth has been estimated to be around $1- $2 million. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that he enjoys a luxurious living. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

6 Facts On Joanna Soh That Might Surprise You!

  1. She also did modeling, film acting, and theatre acting in her early life. Soh used to work at a TV producer in London. Later, she left this secured income job, in order to achieve her passion for running a fitness YouTube channel Joanna Soh Official, which she created in the year 2012.
  2. Joanna is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (American Council of Exercise), Nutrition Coach (Venice Nutrition), and a Women Fitness Specialist (NASM).
  3. She has launched a female activewear label known as Fit & Feminine.
  4. Soh and Carly Rowena are both fitness instructors who run YouTube channels.
  5. Her brother Joel produced and wrote a feature film called Polis Evo.
  6. On a student exchange program, she went to Japan at the age of 15. Since then, she aspired to visit new countries every year.